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Reimagining book concepts for digital audiences: How Grief is The Thing With Feathers inspired a virtual reality story.

After reading Grief is The Thing With Feathers, artistic director Ben James and I decided to bring together our very different skill-sets to explore the narrative digital potential for grief.

The outcome is ‘And the memory fills all space’, a VR experience designed in collaboration with Charles Harrop-Griffiths, which is intended to reframe how we understand and communicate grief.

We’re interested in how the immersive process of taking a journey through grief via virtual reality is just one way that a book concept can engage different audiences. Potentially, VR might appeal to hard-to-reach readers and provide a gateway for engaging with literary texts via a non-literary context. VR could also provide exciting opportunities for promoting new books.

We’ll be giving a talk about this project in the Tech Theatre at The London Book Fair 2017.

There’ll also be an exhibition opening at South Kiosk gallery, Peckham, on 30 March 2017.

With thanks to The Culture Capital Exchange for part funding this project.


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