The attack of 11 September prompted near-universal condemnation from the international community. But was the bombing of Afghanistan, some three weeks later, the appropriate response from America and her closest allies? While land troops moved in, a growing wave of international voices questioned the wisdom, efficacy and morality of a military strike against one of the poorest nations on earth.

Voices for Peace aimed to provoke continued discussion of the issues. This anthology brought together a wide range of voices, from intellectuals to entertainers, business leaders to human rights activists, poets to public figures. Their response to the tragedy was to call for creative, just ways to end the chain of violence. As Terry Waite argued in his contribution: ‘To make war is easy. To make peace is much more difficult.’

My role as the editor of this collection was to seek out the most compelling voices who were speaking out against retaliation at the time, and to shape those narratives into a persuasive and engaging anti-war anthology.

Praise for Voices for Peace

  • Humane, thoughtful, and just ways of reacting to September 11. Drawn from peace activists, students of Islamic studies, artists, and the general intelligentsia – a majority from the UK – these 40 essayists address the issues that never disappear once the bombing stops: the wellsprings of terrorism that must be approached and dealt with for a lasting peace.

    Kirkus Review
  • Voices for Peace is a passionate and articulate anthology of contemporary voices.

    Prettyfamous Review
  • Excellent editorship.

    The Times

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