I think everyone (well, 48% of everyone) was a bit dumbfounded after Brexit. How could this have happened?

I’m not a political writer, but last summer Andrew Fentham and I worked together  to come up with a new piece of writing for The Enemies Project, and inevitably found ourselves thinking about the lead up to the fall out.

Funded by Arts Council England, The Enemies Project is about poetry in collaboration. Across the globe, over 500 poets, artists, photographers and musicians have taken part in over 200 events, in over 50 cities, in 21 countries.

Having worked with illustrator Harriet Lee-Merrion on our chapbook Pick Me Up, I was keen to collaborate with an artist again. So I put a call out on Twitter, and the wonderful Eleanor Hardiman got in touch and created this digital installation, which captures the mood of the piece beautifully.

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