Kilburn - Shrimp

I have two small boys, one of whom is an avid reader and one of whom is (or rather was) a reluctant reader. So I became really interested in how to excite my less enthusiastic son about reading and writing.

Turns out the best way to excite little folk about reading and writing is to stop asking them to read and write. Take them out into the wild instead. Encourage them to come up with their most madcap ideas. And then give them what they need to make a comic or a silly song.

In order to make this happen, I used the funding I was kindly given by Literature Works and  ran a series of workshops at Marlborough School.

I asked two lovely illustrators,  John Kilburn (scribbler of fish on the left) and Lucy Rose Kerr to work with me. Together, we took children on field trips (real and imagined) and then began to explore storytelling through constructing simple cartoons based on their ideas.

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