Brand Language: Or Why What You Don’t Say is as Important as What You Do.

Here’s a little excerpt from a talk I gave at Stranger Collective’s Stranger Happenings meet up in London.

So much marketing activity is dominated by ‘push’ tactics – shouting about how great your product, campaign, success is. Relentlessly telling the world about what you do.

But research shows that you’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. And we know from experience that the incessant clamour of social media bragging is tiresome at best.

What’s more important is your brand’s behaviour and how other people talk about the brand and whether it comes across as ‘warm’ (by which I mean approachable, appealing, authentic). Is your brand somewhere that people would like to live?

Because, as we all know, unconscious prejudices are often stronger than conscious ones and unspoken feelings are often more powerful than those openly expressed.

If we apply this to writing and marketing our stories, it’s a relief.

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